I’ve found a little use for this blog, seeing as I’ve finished Year 1 uni and placement and I want to be a little more productive than watching Netflix all summer, seeing as I am a sad loser who doesn’t have many plans looool.

Everyone who knows me knows I love Halloween, more than Christmas, more than my birthday. As, it’s coming up to my favourite month, October (and that’s not just because it has Halloween and my birthday in it), I’m starting to get even more excited about all these creepy thing. I’ve always loved creepy things, like conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries, and I’ve never really had a best friend who’s as into it as I am, so I thought what better way to connect with people, do something over the summer AND feed my love for these topics than to write little blog posts about them! Just going to try it out and explore because I’ve been meaning to use this blog more often. Sorry for this TERRIBLE writing as well, I’m just so excited and I know if I think about what I’m writing and try and be artistic this post will NEVER get published.


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