Dear Future Daughter

I'm writing this because I want you to know that it's okay and I want to be one of those mothers that you feel comfortable enough to tell anything to - something I have always longed to have. Maybe I already told you by now, or maybe I didn't, but I went through a good … Continue reading Dear Future Daughter



OKAY KID-LINGTONS, LISTEN THE FUCK UP. I've found a little use for this blog, seeing as I've finished Year 1 uni and placement and I want to be a little more productive than watching Netflix all summer, seeing as I am a sad loser who doesn't have many plans looool. Everyone who knows me knows … Continue reading WATCH THIS SPACE

So, this is what’s going on…

You know, despite all this huge LGBTQ acceptance and pride, I am still scared. I grew up in an extremely religious household, and although homosexuality had never been discussed in depth, I know exactly what my family's stance on it is. On the other hand, due to sexuality as a whole being a 'no-go' zone of … Continue reading So, this is what’s going on…

Treacle Heart

Standing behind her, he unpinned her hair and swept it to one side, taking his time, kissing her shoulders while he fiddled with the clasp on her necklace. Just as she noted how unusually gentle he was being, his fingers found the roots of her hair and he slammed her up against the door. With her cheek on the wood and her hands behind her back she could only roll her eyes, feeling a strange combination of relief and disbelief that this was happening again.

He said, right into her ear, “You look nice this evening.” She said, “You’re a terrible liar,” but she was secretly thrilled to have bumped into him while she was in a dress and lipstick. He’d only ever seen her dressed down in jeans and a shirt. Or wearing nothing but her socks.

She had always believed herself to be the queen of Holding It…

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What is that "in-between" feeling? Lately, it's all I've been feeling. It's a state between happy and not, but also a feeling that you're not happy with not clear, definitive reason as to why, intertwined with the realisation that you cannot remember the last time you were truly happy. Content. Lately, that's what I've been feeling. … Continue reading In-between